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CRM Guru with "Go To WHOA" PM Experience

ICT through to FMCG, shipping/transport through to energy, and banking and financial services, diversity of experience counts. Few can boast this breadth.

From a practical perspective, this highly experienced CRM expert has been involved with some of the best known contact centres and outsourced servicing operations internationally. With intimate knowledge of the technical side of these types of operations, he can also deliver practical solutions due to a day-to-day understanding of the operating of the actual infrastructure. Having been responsible for one of the recognised success stories in customer solutions, he was able to bridge the gap between the technical side of the business through to the business needs of individual units, and engage with these crucial areas to deliver process and people improvements. These included engaging senior management through to "shop floor" staff and customer facilitation. Products include Siebel, Pivotal, MySAP, SalesLogix, and Clarify to name but a few.

Available from September 09 and would defintiely add value where customer interface needs attention. Contact Kevin Chappell on 0295-974739 or email quoting reference TN973.

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