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With experience comes intuition

Have you wondered why some in our sector make some of the most fundamental mistakes?

We've talked often how the advancement of the new "generations" (X & Y) will impact on management and decision-making in the future. We won't dwell on that too much in this article, but more on how intuition often aligns with experience, not technology and "speak".

One of the things we have been adamant in assembling the industry's best, is experience. Because with experience comes the hard-to-define factors, which we'll call "intuition". You may wonder that the CVs we put forward do not routinely include psychometric test reports, or an extended written assessment of each candidate. Our processes do differ from the usual, in that we interview not always in our office, but spend some time over the phone, via Skype, or by meeting candidates informally.

There is a reason for this. Our team have many years experience in recruiting - decades in fact. At last count, our average was 22 years and rising!

During our conversation with a candidate, and after carefully reading their CV, we can intrinsically distinguish the calibre of that candidate and suitability to a role. This capability stems partly from life experience, and also from working with many types of psychological test batteries, alongside our own brain that tells us "yes" or "no". This has enabled us to hone our interpersonal assessment skills to evaluate accurately who fits and who doesn't. We have seen over the years the matches and we have we have at times been party to the regrettable outcome of subordinating our better judgment in favour of the report of even the most reputable of psychological test instruments.

Our clients come to trust that each candidate we put forward is right for the job and right for the people they will be working with.

The value in our service is linked to our intuitive assessment, pragmatic observation, and interpersonal skills refined over many years.

This approach to consulting, coupled with our "fair and reasonable" approach to fees, means our clients get what we believe is the best value for money service in the market today. And whilst others are rapidly losing their market, we are doing the opposite.

We are pleased that our clients enjoy value for money, unburdened by overhead costs most of which are completely unrelated to the result that our clients want.

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