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Fixed Term offers great talent flexibility

Fixed Term Engagement

Workforce Flexibility

For your organisation, fixed-term employment provides flexibility in managing your workforce. You can hire employees for a specific project or period of increased workload, maternity/paternity leave, or any other defined business requirement, without the long-term commitment of permanent employment.


This flexibility enables you to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, scale up or down as needed, meet your business needs, and effectively manage costs.

Our experience in both Professional Contracting and "just-in-time" Permanent Recruitment ensures this "hybrid" resourcing methodology can be enabled successfully within your organisation.

Variety and Tenure

Fixed-term employment also benefits employees in several ways.


Firstly, it offers a variety of work experiences. By engaging in different projects and organisations, employees can broaden their skills, gain exposure to diverse industries, and enhance their professional development. Additionally, these fixed-term engagements often provide a higher hourly wage or project-based compensation, allowing employees to earn more within a specified period. It also means that individuals can move about  successfully and try different options prior to selecting a long-term option.

Fixed-term employment can be advantageous for individuals seeking work-life balance or pursuing other personal endeavours. It provides greater flexibility, sometimes part-time work, and the opportunity to take breaks between engagements, pursue further education, or explore entrepreneurial ventures.


This is a level of flexibility and freedom that is not be available in permanent employment.

An Attractive Flexible Option

Fixed-term employment offers numerous benefits, such as flexibility for for both employers and employees.


For employees, it offers diverse experiences and increased earning potential, the ability to balance work and personal life.


For employers, the ability to engage expertise on a more flexible basis to enhance business pressures in today's "fixed changing" environment, is essential.


As the nature of work continues to evolve, fixed-term employment is becoming an increasingly attractive option for both employers and employees alike.

Have any questions or need help? Our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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