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We boldly state we are NZ's
pre-eminent experts in Professional Contracting

Our Professional Contracting Service

How does Professional Contracting Work?

Professional Contracting is a common practice for companies seeking specialised skills and expertise on a short-term or project basis, to cover staff shortages, fulfill resource requirements for a defined project, or interim resource during change or a long recruitment process. As a resourcing tool, it offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to hiring permanent employees, and is an all-up cost.

Professional Contracting is a "just-in-time" talent acquisition service, as the requirements are often driven by an urgent need, a resignation, or more likely in today's market, a desire to implement change as quickly as possible. 

Specific advantages of engaging a Professional Contractor are that despite what is often touted in the media, it is a very cost effective way to bring talent into your organisation without expensive employment costs and commitments, because the cost is "all-up" with no surprises. Employment today is expensive with all the additional costs added in recent years. A Professional Contracting approach also allows you to target specific skills that you may need, such as for a project, a change in your staffing structure, skills to meet a change in your market, testing a new direction for your business, a "try before you buy" approach, or simply any area where you can achieve short term benefits for long-term gain! It offers great flexibility and is a powerful resourcing tool that allows your business to either move quickly or maintain your existing path.


Here's a brief overview of how professional contracting works:

  1. Contractual Agreement: The contracting process begins with the negotiation of a contract between your organisation and us. The contract outlines the scope of work, project duration, deliverables, payment terms, and any other relevant terms and conditions. We handle all this.

  2. Payment: Professional Contractors typically are charged out at an agreed-upon hourly or daily rate. The all-up rate includes the rate to the contractor, plus our fee. We invoice you for each agreed period for the term of the contract.

  3. Work Arrangements: Professional Contractors may work on-site or more often now, work remotely - or a hybrid approach, a combination of both.

  4. Relationship Management: It's a 3-way relationship. We  maintain regular communication with the both you and the contractor to ensure assignment objectives are met.

Why TalentNow!?

At TalentNow! we claim to have the most experienced in this field in New Zealand. That may be a bold statement, but we believe we have!

Principal Kevin Chappell, is recognised as the pioneer of Professional Contracting in New Zealand almost 40 years ago. In those early days, Professional Contracting, or Executive Leasing as it was then known, was an ad-hoc tool used irregularly but, today it is a mainstream talent resourcing tool.

Kevin developed the concept across broad commercial disciplines for an international company, before establishing his own company, Executive Taskforce, in the early 1990s, a company that became synonymous with the concept and promoted it until it became a standard resourcing practice.


Amanda joined forces with Kevin in the early 1990s, with Teresa following a few years later. Matt started his career in IT&T Contracting when he arrived in NZ in 2010.  Our combined experience averages almost 30 years in this specialty area.

Our industry tenure and extensive experience means we know where to go to find the best talent for you! We believe no one else can offer this level of expertise.

Our Commitment to You

It's simple. When you engage Talentnow!, you engage the best in the business. We are committed to finding the best resource to fulfill your professional contracting requirements, and ensuring the objectives of your short-term, fixed term, consulting, or project  are fulfilled.


We are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we are dedicated to making the process of finding and providing contract resource as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Have any questions or need help? Our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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