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Change - the new norm for business

TalentShift - Change and Transition Services

Change - and changing change

New Zealand is a country where change has become the norm. And in fact, what we have seen is whilst change is happening, further change occurs - best stated as "changing change"!

We have always been an adaptable country and demonstrated recently with the impact of the pandemic where change was imposed on us in a way we have never seen before. Whereas the GFC was more of a "slow burn", 2020 hit us hard and fast. Whilst the impact is long and still with us, adapting to the changing way of talent sourcing and movement is our forte and something we are proud of.

Much of what we do evolves around change. Someone resigns and leaves, someone new is appointed. A new direction is decided, and new skills are required. One company acquires another, and duplicated roles are merged and some staff are made redundant, which requires transition of resources. Or an organisation decides to engage contract resource and push things in a different direction. All this involves change, some major, some just day-to-day.

TalentShift is the business operation where we focus on change and transition.

TalentShift for Change

Through this service, our focus is on change, whether it be undertaking work in the change area, or staff being the subject of change - as in transitioning and changing company structures as a result of market impact, or going in a different direction though choice or imposition.

We have lived with change now for many many years, but even change is changing! Business has been challenged time and time again, with uncontrolled influences, so being able to embrace change positively impacts constructively on those businesses that are prepared to manage change effectively and adjust accordingly. One such change that came unexpectedly was remote or virtual working, something that many businesses have embraced and adapted their operational model. For example, this does require a different style of management and adaptation, something we understand intimately, having been early adapters to this concept.

NZ faces economic uncertainty over the next few years and "changing change" will be the norm. Talent sourcing and movement will not be excluded from this environment and we are geared up to help facilitate whatever direction occurs.

Why TalentShift for Transition?

When it comes to transition, some may ask "Why not a company that only specialises in outplacement or transition services?"  It's quite simple. Transition and career management is an end-to-end process and understanding careers "holistically" is our forte. Many "outplacement" companies do not understand that, or are disconnected to the full career lifecycle. When one "job" ends, it's not the end of your career, but simply a step in another direction of your career journey. It is the same with companies undergoing change. Your new "model" may require a different set of skills, different talent, more diversity, more technology. With this approach, we can bring our expertise to the table because we are at the front line of jobs, careers, and resourcing.

As a candidate, you may choose not to take on another job. You may become a professional contractor, study for a change in career and undertake part-time work, buy your own business, go into partnership, consult - the opportunities are endless.  We understand flexibility through our broad range of services, not just getting a job and continuing on a predetermined career path.

And that applies to business. During change, a professional contractor may be a better replacement during a period of change, than a permanent person. Retention of flexibility today is paramount, as is the ability to adapt - quickly if needed.

Our end-to-end expertise can help you in that process.

Have any questions or need help? Our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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