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We help you find your next career move

Finding your ideal opportunity

TalentNow! helps people find their next career move.  There are many options you can consider. It may be a permanent job, or it may be fixed term, a contract, consulting work, part-time work, or even setting yourself up in business.  We will talk through with you what options are available to you through our extensive experience advising candidates for the last four decades! Many of the people we have helped over this time have moved status with us - from candidates to clients, to candidates again, then perhaps contractors or even starting their own businesses.  And some have even retired or simply working part-time, or on a consultancy basis.  Whatever suits your personal situation or lifestyle, we are there to help and advise.

Advice and suggestions to enhance your next career move

In the process of your experience with us, we will advise on how to present yourself best, the steps you may need to take to change the path you want to take, and ensure the greatest chance of being found for that dream role, or the action needed to follow that path!  It may be some interview coaching if you haven't attended an interview for some time, how to promote yourself through available media, reviewing your CV and social media presence, or simply a general discussion on the market and how that plays out for you personally.


Our extensive experience in finding talent for clients means we can bring that expertise to you, pass on the knowledge of how to secure the best opportunities, and give you the greatest chance of success.

We provide solutions for all your career or working opportunities

  • Permanent roles

  • Professional Contracting roles, full or part-time

  • Professional Contracting to Permanent roles

  • Consulting opportunities

  • Governance roles

  • Fixed Term appointments

  • Remote or WFH roles

  • Flexible and Part-time roles

  • Self-employment opportunities

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