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Prior to setting up TalentNow!, Kevin spent nearly fifteen years as Managing Director of a high profile and respected group of recruitment companies, Executive Taskforce, which had a strong market presence. He sold the company in 2006 but unfortunately it went out of business in 2009.  His earlier career in professional contracting and recruitment extended back to the 1980s, including pioneering Professional Contracting (then known as Executive Leasing) in New Zealand and Australia for a high profile publicly listed international company. His 40+ years in this sector places him in a very small professional category!

With a goal in mind post Executive Taskforce, he set up TalentNow! initially focusing on regional resourcing at the executive and professional level, and after a number of successful years, developed a strategy across the whole of New Zealand, with a focus of utilising "virtual" technology as the primary tool to service this market. This innovation again was a strategy that worked well!

As a pioneer in this space, when the 2020 pandemic hit, with Kevin's experience, TalentNow! operated BAU, and the business grew exponentially during this time to become the successful resourcing solution for organisations across New Zealand that it is today.

Kevin Chappell

Principal Director


Amanda Scott is an accomplished recruitment professional with a distinguished career spanning over almost 30 years in NZ's dynamic business landscape. With a proven track record of excellence, she has become a trusted partner for organisations seeking visionary leadership talent and independent professional contractors for projects and organisational roles.


Throughout her career, Amanda has consistently demonstrated a keen eye for identifying talent across diverse industries. Her comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving job market and her ability to grasp the unique needs of each organisation, allows her to deliver exceptional resourcing outcomes, ensuring the right fit for both candidates and companies.  As a Certified Management Consultant, Amanda brings an added layer of expertise, offering invaluable insights, enabling holistic solutions.


Amanda's success is a testament to her dedication to professionalism, ethics, and transparency. She takes pride in forging lasting partnerships, and with an unwavering passion for connecting people and businesses, she continues to make an impact in executive permanent and contracting recruitment, positioning herself as a sought-after leader in the industry and a driving force behind transformative career journeys and organisational growth in New Zealand.

Amanda Scott

Consulting Director



Teresa brings around 30 years of recruiting experience, and specialises in recruiting middle-to-senior level management roles including contract, interim management and permanent engagements across all functional areas for both private and public sector clients. With a best practice and agile approach to the recruitment process, she is service delivery focused and relationship driven, with many long standing connections in the talent community.

Recruitment is her second career but one that became a logical fit. Previously Teresa worked in internal audit for private corporate organisations. In this profession, she was "partnering with the business" providing advice, support and making recommendations on operational improvement, long before "business partnering" became the buzz phrase it is now. This gave her the ability to gain an understanding of their business and their needs, develop rapport, and become a trusted adviser.

Teresa is a generalist recruiter and continues to use her significant experience across all areas of permanent and professional contracting roles in all business disciplines and functional areas.

Teresa Curd

Consulting Associate


Matt Photo Jul23.jpg

Matt Travell

Consulting Associate - Digital & IT


Originally from West of London, Matt arrived in NZ in 2010. He has since specialised in finding IT, digital and project professionals. Matt works with a select amount of clients, as well as providing a recruitment-as-a-service model with businesses around NZ.


He's passionate about helping people upgrade their careers. For candidates, he strives every day to help them make career choices that they can be proud of, and which will positively impact them professionally.  He also fosters the success of his clients by ensuring they have the best talent available to them in niche disciplines, by enabling them to compete for highly sought skills in talent-short markets.


Matt is also adept at guiding clients on positive people experience, effective on-boarding, and systems and processes and has knowledge of a range of industries, including Government, Financial Services, SaaS companies, MSP’s and consulting.

If you are up against any of the challenges common to recruiting in a tech business - attraction, retention, employment branding and more then please reach out to him.

Have any questions or need help? Our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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